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Kookai is a French fashion brand which has won young women around the world with its daring yet trendy and fashionable yet affordable clothing collections. Starting off with a collection of knit sweaters, the brand soon expanded its line of products to include other clothing items which, just like its sweaters, ‘conquered’ young Parisians and shortly thereafter, young women across the world.

Since 1996, Kookai is a part of the Vivarte Group, one of the world’s leading fashion companies which also owns brands such as Minelli, Maloles, Chevignon, Le Halle, CosmoParis, Fosco and many others. But besides becoming a signatory of the Ethical Charter which bounds it to ethical manufacturing, nothing really changed for Kookai after becoming a part of the Vivarte Group. Its team of designers remains dedicated to creating cutting-edge clothing line incorporating the latest fashion trends and offer an alternative at the same time, and supplying their loyal clientèle with affordable apparel.